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Fabrikant Mobotix
Excl. BTW
Artikelnr. MX-OPT-DIGI-INT
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Interface box 

To connect one analog camera directly to a S15D Body (MX-S15DSEC) as alternative image source (instead of one sensor module) • Up to two MxDigitizer boxes or two analog cameras can be connected to one S15D Body • Easy integration of analog cameras into the MOBOTIX IP video system incl. the support of MOBOTIX integrated image analysis tools (e.g, MxActivitySensor) • Box digitizes the analog signal input (NTSC/PAL) • Output format PAL: 704 x 525 pixels, up to 25 frames per second • Output format NTSC: 640 x 480 pixels, up to 30 frames per second • BNC connection of analog camera to MxDigitizer • Sensor cable connection of MxDigitizer to S15D Body (to be ordered separately, maximum length 3 m/9.8 ft) • Operating conditions: Indoors, 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) • Color: white