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Irisity IRIS Core Analytics - Intrusion detection

Fabrikant Mobotix
Excl. BTW
Artikelnr. Mx-APP-IRIS-C-INT
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The Iris Core AI Analytics app combines multiple features based on deep neural networks in one application. The specialized application Irisity IRIS Core AI Analytics — Intrusion reliably detects intrusions, even if the people or vehicles only cover a small part of the field of vision. 

Additional features of the app such as detecting people loitering, fires and unattended objects can be activated and licensed separately. These will be available soon.

  • Detects when objects of interest enter user-defined recognition areas
  • The app reliably recognizes people and vehicles that only cover a small part of the field of vision (20 x 20 px)
  • False alarms are minimized by filtering out noncritical movements or objects such as trees, clouds, etc.
  • Triggering of MOBOTIX events via MxMessageSystem
  • Consolidated event search via MxManagementCenter Smart Data Interface and/or the MOBOTIX HUB